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11 February, 2019

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Three Mills nomination for Ramblers Award

We submitted the Three Mills area for the Ramblers Association Award for Britain’s Best Walking Neighbourhood.

We thought you might like to hear why….

Just across the road from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with its beautiful park and state-of-the-art sporting venues, Three Mills is one of London’s best-kept secrets. This fascinating and complex network of waterways offers something for everyone. 

There’s a wealth of wildlife attracted by the water, and on still days you can see plenty of fish. For the more boisterous there are places to run and jump and let off steam. Three Mills has a wild play area with swings and ropes and trampolines set onto the grass. Families can come and play table tennis or wander along paths and greens far away from London’s busy traffic and picnic by the water. Ramblers and runners can enjoy a 26-mile route of green spaces along the Lea Valley.

And for those wanting culture and history, there’s an art trail  (The Line) which connects the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to the O2. The Three Mills area has distinctive visible connections to London’s rich industrial heritage. The area is at a critical point where the tidal waters rising from the Thames were easily captured to generate regular and dependable power - unheard of before steam and important enough to be mentioned in The Domesday Book (1086). Visitors can explore inside the UK’s earliest recorded tidal mill (House Mill is Grade I listed) which was a flour mill, then supplied the London gin craze and later made gun powder; Grade II listed Abbey Mills Pumping Station built in the Victorian era by Joseph Bazalgette; and they can see refurbished warehouses in Dane’s Yard Conservation Area which made ink and refined sugar in the 1800s.  

The routes around Three Mills are largely on flat towpaths built in industrial times for horses pulling barges. There is also a flat green route along the Greenway (Bazalgette’s Victorian sewer). The majority of these walks are away from roads. Where High Street, Stratford needs to be crossed, a new pedestrian crossing has been installed near Three Mills Wall River, improving the walking connection between Three Mills and the Olympic Park. A floating underpass also makes the connection on the River Lea navigation.

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GO Three Mills!