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Sugar House Island is unusual among current London developments. A cosmopolitan team of architects, designers and place-makers has taken time and care to curate a place they hope everyone will enjoy. They carefully managed the balance between working, living and leisure activities to create an integrated and animated neighbourhood.

The development is designed by nine different architects, a deliberate decision to introduce variation into the look and feel of the buildings as well as the spaces between them. Sugar House Island is designed from the inside out, this means that the individual’s experience and needs are prioritised.

When compared to many London developments, Sugar House Island is also unusual for being relatively low-rise. The average height of its residential buildings is five or six storeys because most people like to live closer to the ground so they can enjoy outside spaces.

Some taller blocks have been included in the scheme to mark entry points and open spaces, the tallest of these is 16 storeys. These blocks offer particularly good views across to the City, Canary Wharf and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The design makes use of the incredible assets offered by the local area. Views of the sky and access to 1.2km of river edge are important in the masterplan, as is the rich and interesting industrial heritage that has been our inspiration. Sugar House Island has nearly a thousand years as a place of innovation and manufacture, defined and empowered by its many waterways. The introduction of new clients and occupiers will write the next chapter in its rich history.