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The scheme takes a deliberately holistic view of sustainability and the team embedded a consideration of sustainability into every stage of their work.

Sustainability is considered at the masterplan stage, with the preservation and modernisation of historic buildings, as well as with decisions about how to manage processes such as the remediation and reclamation of materials, and waste management during construction. Connecting into a district heat network is often a surprisingly complex process, and we have persevered with this because of our commitment to achieve practical environmental solutions in our design work.

While sustainability will be evident in the visible green elements, such as the carefully-selected planting to introduce biodiversity across the scheme and in particular in the new  park spaces we create; it has also driven design decisions which will have an impact through the life of the scheme.


For the team, sustainability also includes the consideration of social inclusion and how to achieve a supportive tenant mix when workers and residents arrive and call our project their own, whether that is a home or workspace.

Our projects aim to create new neighbourhoods which support and connect into existing communities, on a physical as well as emotional level. As the development matures, activities and amenity will be fostered to encourage a lively place, adopted by all.

In all Vastint UK projects we carefully balance the combination of homes to work space to ensure the community feels active and lively throughout the working week and the weekend. This vibrancy enables smaller businesses in the leisure and retail industry to thrive as they have continual custom.

Vastint UK intends to maintain a long-term ownership and management interest in all of its schemes. The management team will work with all clients  to curate and shape community involvement over time, so that every element, from the mix of restaurant operators to the events programme, remains in keeping with the aspirations of those who live and work there.