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Looking for an exciting and vibrant place to create a new shop, restaurant or bar? 

Bring your energy to this exciting neighbourhood. Sugar House Island will soon be a buzzing new London neighbourhood, initially with over 400 office workers, and 169 homes.

In all Vastint UK projects we carefully balance the combination of homes and work spaces to ensure the community feels active and lively throughout the day, during the working week, and at the weekend. This vibrancy enables smaller businesses at ground level in the retail and leisure industry to thrive, as they have continual custom.

We’re delivering a range of spaces:

  • Retail units of a range of sizes.
  • Bars and cafés with outdoor spaces and private terraces.
  • Fully-serviced restaurant spaces.

By 2023 we expect to have added a further 40,000 Sq M of offices bringing over 2,000 potential customers plus another 80 homes. 

See what’s on offer now in Dane’s Yard and speak to us about the great range of opportunities available now.