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Sugar House Island will bring 624,000 Sq Ft (58,000 Sq M) of creative office space to east London over the next five years which will deliver 2,500 jobs to the local area.

Dane’s Yard

The first phase offers 100,000 Sq Ft (9,000 Sq M) of imaginative workspaces in an exciting mix of eight new and old buildings. These are sensitively-restored contemporary spaces, perfect for up-and-coming businesses to settle and thrive.


Dane’s Yard amenity  includes restaurants and bars, outside seating with riverside views, a gym, showers and lockers for cyclists and runners, as well as super-fast broadband.

Over the next five years Sugar House Island will bring more bars, coffee shops & restaurants, as well as convenience stores, all with an independent theme. Community spaces will host events for office occupiers and residents.

Sugar House Island has excellent connectivity  with quick journey times from Stratford and eight stations within walking distance.


The local area  has hundreds of places to eat & drink, as well as a lively cultural quarter in Stratford, great shopping and the state-of the-art venues in the beautifully landscaped Olympic Park. 


Dane’s Yard is the creation of three architecture practices. Architect Ten Four Architects (incorporating ARC-ML), executive architect Waugh Thistleton Architects, and landscape architect Planit-IE. This team refurbished old warehouse buildings in this Conservation Area, combining them with contemporary extensions using modern building techniques to make sustainable and practical working environments for today’s businesses. They also preserved the site’s layout, retaining old yards and alleyways to keep the distinctive character of this old industrial area. 


The masterplan for the development respects the site’s heritage as a historic place of innovation and manufacture in London's east end. The built form of Dane's Yard incorporates reclaimed buildings and salvaged materials in an arrangement which preserves the small yards and alleyways which once characterised the site.


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  • 1 Danes Yard Exterior High Street View
    A light, airy five-storey 15,000ft² building overlooking the canal and the High Street.
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  • The Print House
    A bar & restaurant, exhibition space and Vastint UK’s Head Office.
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  • 1-Sugar-House-Lane-CGI-Exterior.jpg
    A seven-storey modern 25,000ft² building with a dramatic reception and two roof terraces.
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  • 2 Danes Yard Exterior
    A two-storey, 6,000ft² bar with a roof terrace overlooking the river available for lease.
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  • 3 Sugar House Lane CGI Interior
    A three-storey 12,000ft² refurbished warehouse with a modern two-storey extension and roof terrace.
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  • 1 Cooperage Yard
    A four-storey 18,000ft² modern office building with a roof terrace and gym on its ground floor.
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  • 2 Cooperage Yard Interior
    A distinctive and unusual 8,000ft² two-storey sawtooth waterside office building.
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  • The Sugar House Exterior River View
    A five-storey Victorian building with modern extensions with smaller creative workspaces totalling 6,000ft².
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Use classStoreys | inc groundNIA | ft²NIA | m²
1 DANE’S YARD B1515,181ft²1,409m²
1 SUGAR HOUSE LANE B1724,687ft²2,292m²
2 DANE’S YARD A424,112ft²382m²
3 SUGAR HOUSE LANE B1/D1311,592ft²1,076m²
1 COOPERAGE YARD B1418,039ft²1,676m²
2 COOPERAGE YARD B128,202ft²762m²
THE SUGAR HOUSE B155,971ft²554m²


1 Dane’s Yard occupies a pivotal position at the northern tip of Sugar House Island. It benefits from spectacular south-facing water views, an overview of buzzing Dane’s Yard and a prominent position on High Street, Stratford. Its slender floor plates and high ceilings make it particularly light and airy.

The CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) structure has excellent thermal efficiency and low running costs, with its heating supplied through Sugar House Island’s district heating network. Much of the building’s interior is finished with timber and exposed services.

Accessed from the relaxed, traffic-free, waterside environment of Dane’s Yard, the building has pedestrian accesses either side, echoing the site’s old alleyways.

1 Dane’s Yard incorporates a distinctive tiled mural of a Great Dane, the emblem of The Dane Group of Companies, the innovative manufacturer of inks and paints which operated from this site between 1853 and 2005.

Key Features

Type of buildingGreat location on a prominent canal-side plot.
Slender floorplates offering excellent light and views.
CLT building with exposed CLT soffit and surface-mounted services.
Delivered to a CAT A fit out including air conditioning and raised access floors.
Number of storeys
inc ground
Floorplate NIAGround1,550ft² | 144m²
 Floor 13,380ft² | 314m²
 Floors 2/3/43,417ft² | 317m²
 Total15,181ft² | 1,409m²
Floor-to-ceiling heightsGround3.6m
 Floor 13.7m
 Floors 2/3/43.7m


The Print House was the first of the old buildings to be refurbished at Sugar House Island. It was once used by The Dane’s Group, an innovative manufacturer of varnish and paints and a global producer of Day-Glo painting products.

A new annex houses The Print House Bar & Restaurant which was open before works began on Dane’s Yard and was extremely popular. The Print House Bar & Restaurant will reopen in 2019, opening onto the refurbished Dane’s Yard with its iconic tower and beautiful view of the river.

An exhibition and event space on the first floor is currently used as a flexible marketing space for Dane’s Yard. In time we plan to make this available for hire by office tenants as an event and meeting space.

The top floor of The Print House is Vastint UK’s office.


East-west aligned to capture the rising and setting of the sun, 1 Sugar House Lane’s generously-sized windows and slender floor plates provide fantastic natural light. This building is at the northern edge of Dane’s Yard, with all-round views of Sugar House Lane and High Street, Stratford.

The seven-storey building has two-storey wings at its north and south ends connecting it to The Print House, and preserving a former historic yard between the buildings. There are also sunny roof terraces for office tenants to enjoy.

At ground floor, the building has a recessed colonnade adjacent to Sugar House Lane which provides access to a welcoming lobby.

As with many buildings across the site, a two-storey plinth reflects the scale of former industrial buildings which stood here. 1 Sugar House Lane has dark brick to the lower two floors and light grey GRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) to the upper levels.


Type of buildingProminent location on High Street, Stratford.
Slender floorplates offering excellent light and views.
Modern concrete soffit with exposed services.
Two roof terraces.
Delivered to a CAT A fit out including air conditioning and raised access floors.
Number of storeys
inc ground
Floorplate NIAGround2,497ft² | 232m²
 Floor 15,360ft² | 498m²
 Floor 3/4/5/63,384ft² | 314m²
 Total24,687ft² | 2,292m²
Floor-to-ceiling heightsGround3.5m
 Floors 1/2/3/4/5/63.6m


Designed for a flexible use, with the capacity to be a bar and live music venue, 2 Dane’s Yard is a two-storey open-plan event space of over 4,000ft² which enjoys wonderful riverside views and a 2,000ft² private roof terrace. 

Constructed using London stock bricks salvaged from site, 2 Dane’s Yard remembers the footprint of a warehouse which stood on the plot. The original building played an important role in establishing the geometry of Dane’s Yard and the character of the site.

The reconstruction picks up the façade treatment of the original building and its windows, with their intricate mullions, reflecting the industrial feel of the historic site.

Interior walls are in a robust brick, in-filling a concrete column and slab structure. 2 Dane’s Yard is serviced from the rear of the building.

Key Features

Type of buildingLocation at the heart of Dane’s Yard.
Large private roof terrace looking over the river.
Delivered to shell and core spec to suit tenants’ requirements.
Intended use class A4.
Number of storeys
inc ground
Floorplate NIAGround2,045ft² | 190m²
 Floor 12,067ft² | 192m²
 Total4,112ft² | 382m²
Floor-to-ceiling heightsGround3.6m
 Floor 13.1m


3 Sugar House Lane is an unusual combination of a three-storey refurbished Victorian print warehouse, and a modern two-storey extension with a roof terrace. A double-height glazed atrium connects the two structures, providing drama and interest whilst aiding internal circulation.

This is a prominent building, visible from the junction of the High Street and Sugar House Lane. The existing Victorian façades have been retained, with new window insertions on the eastern elevation to mirror those on the west. A new internal structure has been created in CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) and Glulam (Glued Laminated Timber) to improve circulation and create additional floor space.

The existing north elevation of 3 Sugar House Lane contains a bull’s eye brickwork feature which has been opened into a distinctive circular window. At roof-top level, to the south of the historic structure, a roof terrace offers views across Sugar House Island.


Type of buildingCharacterful Victorian building.
Innovative internal structure with a loft-style mezzanine.
Contemporary two-storey extension with a sunny roof terrace.
Number of storeys
inc ground
 Ground2,045ft² | 190m²
 Floor 12,250ft² | 209m²
 Ground2,519ft² | 234m²
 Floor 12,851ft² | 264m²
 Floor 2 (mezzanine)1,927ft² | 179m²
 Total11,592ft² | 1,076m²
Floor-to-ceiling heightsEXISTING BUILDING
 Floor 12.9m (2.3m under downstand beams)
 Ground3.2m (3m under downstand beams)


Brick-clad and with regularly-shaped floor plates, 1 Cooperage Yard sits at the heart of Dane’s Yard’s network of historic yards and alleyways.

It is the ideal location for the site’s gym  which occupies its ground floor, providing showers and lockers for Sugar House Island’s cyclists and runners.

On the building’s top floor, a south-facing roof terrace provides a sunny outdoor space for tenants.

The building is clad in grey GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete)at ground floor level to form a plinth. The building’s upper floors are clad in yellow stock brickwork, with long windows accentuating the building’s horizontality and providing occupiers with great natural light.



Type of buildingCharacterful building in a network of alleyways.
Dual aspect providing great natural light.
Top floor south-facing roof terrace.
Centralised gym and cyclist/runner facilities.
Delivered to a CAT A fit out, including air conditioning and raised access floors.
Number of storeys
inc ground
Floorplate NIAGround2,809 ft² | 261m²
 Floors 1/25,543ft² | 515m²
 Floor 34,144 ft² | 385m²
 Total18,039ft² | 1,676m²
Floor-to-ceiling heights3.4m


The eye-catching sawtooth roof of this building reflects the roof line of a building which once occupied the site. Its workspaces benefit from unrivalled waterside and courtyard views. 

This two-storey building has generous windows throughout, and the upper floor benefits from consistent natural light provided by north-facing roof lights in its dramatic roof. The upper floor has a large open-plan floorplate unhindered by columns.

It is anticipated that 2 Cooperage Yard will ideally suit a single tenant to preserve its architectural character.

The building is constructed in new brickwork with a standing-seam zinc roof.


Type of buildingDistinctive and unusual building with open-plan interior and impressive natural light.
Waterside position.
Delivered to a CAT A fit out including air conditioning and raised access floors.
Number of storeys
inc ground
Floorplate NIAGround3,520ft² | 327m²
 Floor 14,682ft² | 435m²
 Total8,202ft² | 762m²
Floor-to-ceiling heightsGround3.4m
 Floor 12.7-5.7m (sawtooth)


The Sugar House is a spectacular five-storey Victorian warehouse with three modern extensions offering unusual double-height, self-contained individual work spaces. This building gave the island its name; it stands near the sugar refinery, first recorded in 1843, which once stood where Sugar House Lane meets the High Street.

The dramatic entranceway to the riverside extension leads into a contemporary two-storey gallery space facing Three Mills Wall River, which could form a dramatic workspace, gallery or retail space.

Four two-storey workspaces anchor the corners of the historic structure offering views of the water.

The extensions are clad in galvanised steel mesh with aluminium cladding panels.

The Sugar House also accommodates residential units which will be offered for rent at a later date.


Type of buildingDistinctive and unusual building.
Three modern extensions.
Self-contained workspaces/gallery/retail spaces, all with their own entrance.
Later, homes to rent.
Number of storeys
inc ground
Floorplate NIAOffice A893ft² | 83m²
 Office B2669ft² | 248m²
 Office C699ft² | 65m²
 Office D699ft² | 65m²
 Office E1124ft² | 104m²
 Total5,971ft² | 554m²
Floor-to-ceiling heightsEXISTING: 2.5m | EXTENSION: 2.7m

Dane’s Yard Amenity

Dane’s Yard has been created to be an interesting and lively place to work. There will be places to eat and drink with outside seating, roof terraces and riverside views. The site will support healthy lifestyles with a gym, showers and lockers for cyclists and runners. Up and coming creative industries will benefit from super-fast broadband and site-wide WiFi.

Over the next five years Sugar House Island will deliver more bars, coffee shops & restaurants, as well as convenience stores, all with an independent theme. There will also be community spaces hosting events for office occupiers and residents.

The selection and management of commercial operators at Sugar House Island will be carefully curated to ensure a lively and successful development enjoyed by all its users.


This is where urban creatives can take their clients to lunch, have a drink by the waterside in the cobbled yard and enjoy the lighting display on the 40m tower. The Bar & Restaurant was a popular attraction in 2012 and its reopening is eagerly awaited by local workers and residents.


This new bar has a private roof terrace overlooking the canal and is to be run by an independent operator, complementing the offering of The Print House Bar & Restaurant.


In the ground floor of 1 Cooperage Yard is a brand-new gym for the use of Sugar House Island residents and occupiers. This will have showers, changing facilities and lockers for cyclists and runners.


Dane’s Yard delivers covered cycle stores for over 60 bikes. Added to this, a new Santander Cycles stand is planned at the junction with High Street, Stratford, making cycling easy and convenient at Dane’s Yard.


In Dane’s Yard, all office spaces will be pre-cabled, offering a range of fibre services with upgrades to 10 Gigabit connections available on request, offering unlimited usage and industry-leading SLAs. Those meeting and working outside will also benefit from WIFI across site.


As well as these on-site facilities, Dane’s Yard benefits from as many local cafés & restaurants and bars & pubs.

Dane’s Yard Features

Santander Bikes

Designed with creative and digital businesses in mind, Dane’s Yard fuses a rich industrial heritage with clean and modern designs into sensitively-restored, contemporary spaces where businesses can thrive.

Heritage elements are combined with modern building systems and techniques to create comfortable modern office spaces within this distinctive business hub on Sugar House Island.

Office buildings are delivered to a CAT A finish to make it as easy as possible for a business to set up and get to work.

  • Raised floors
  • Full AC cooling & heating systems
  • Open plan low-energy lighting
  • Video phone entry
  • Hyperfast broadband


Each building has a separate downloadable technical specification.

The Local Area Map

Everything you need in walking distance.

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